Our team – Gérard Snow

Terminologist. Reviser.

A graduate of the Université de Moncton (B.A.), Université de Strasbourg (L.Ph.) and University of New Brunswick (LL.B.), a jurist as well as a certified translator, Gérard Snow is the founding director of the CTTJ.

He has produced several vocabularies and glossaries of the common law covering property law, trusts, contracts, torts, corporate law, civil procedure, evidence and shipping law, and is the co-author of JURITERM, a bilingual terminological data bank of the common law, and of a French dictionary of the common law. He also has extensive experience in the translation of statutes, mortgage documents and insurance policies.

Having developed a special interest in language law and intellectual property, he has also taught property law, trusts, evidence, mortgages and debtor-creditor law at the Université de Moncton, has published extensively in legal, political and linguistics journals and has written a treatise on property law.

A non-practising member of the New Brunswick Law Society, he was president of the Corporation of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters of New Brunswick, Traduction NB Translation and the Conseil pour l’aménagement du français au Nouveau-Brunswick. He is a member of the Order of Canada.

Address: CTTJ, Faculty of Law
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