Our team

The members of our versatile team are dedicated to upholding the CTTJ’s reputation as a centre of excellence.

Karine McLaren, LL.B., LL.M., B.Transl.,
Certified Translator, Non-Practicing Lawyer

Revision / Translation / Terminology / Copy Editing
Micheline S. Boudreau, B.Soc.Sc., M.A., B.Transl.
Nadine Langis, B.Transl., LL.B.,
Certified Translator
Denise Richard-LeBlanc, B.Transl.,
Certified Translator
Gérard Snow, C.M., B.A., L.Ph., LL.B.,
Certified Translator, Non-Practicing Lawyer

Administrative Services
Cécile Bourque

Secretarial Services
Debbie Maillet

Catherine Boulet, B.Transl.
Mario Elward, B. Ps., LL.B.
Claude Pardons, L. Trad., LL.B.
Jacques Picotte, B.A., M.A.,
Certified Translator, Jurilinguistics Advisor
Carine Trudel, LL.B.

Our regular staff is supplemented by a network of highly qualified free-lance jurists and language specialists.