Our team – Karine McLaren


Born in France and keen to pursue her interest in the English language, Karine settles in England immediately after completing her High School studies. Having completed a studies program in Business and Finance, she begins her career with the London branch of one of the largest French banks, Société Générale, where she is soon entrusted with a management role within the international trade department, which deals with corporations and institutions worldwide. Frequently exposed to legal concepts during the course of her work, she completes studies in law (LLB Business Law: First class honours) and is admitted as a solicitor and a member of the Law Society of England and Wales in 2001. She then practises law for nearly ten years within a prominent regional firm and develops expertise in the field of land law and commercial law. She seizes the opportunity of her move to Canada in 2001 to combine her knowledge in languages and in the law and obtains a bachelor’s degree in translation at the Université de Moncton prior to joining the Centre de traduction et de terminologie juridiques (CTTJ), whose mission is to further the implementation of bilingualism within the legal systems of Canada’s common law jurisdictions. As a jurilinguist nurturing a keen interest in the Canadian model of bilingualism, which fosters the interaction of the two languages she favours, and in order to contribute, by her research and publications, to the improvement of access to justice in the two official languages, she obtains a Master’s degree in law under the supervision of Michel Bastarache, former judge at the Supreme Court of Canada. Karine is now director of the CTTJ and pursues her research in the field of language law in order to advance knowledge of the issues in this field. The articles she has published have raised issues of national significance and have gained her several prizes, including the legal writing prize of the Louis-Philippe Pigeon Legal Writing Research Chair and the Michel Bastarache prize in legal writing. She frequently shares her research at conferences in Canada and abroad and is interested by other models of legal multilingualism.

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